Bento 10 – Stuffed Grape Leaves

Bento a la Grecque

Image of a Large Bento Box Box Stuffed with Grapeleaves

Upper Tier: Two layers of grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions, sumac, walnuts, and lemon juice

Upper Tier, Center: Cucumbers with sour cream and yogurt (both fat-free), salt, pepper and dill

Bottom Tier, Upper Half: Grapes and blueberries, cheese wedge, almonds

Bottom Tier, Lower Half: Greek salad (minus cucumbers — I ran out!) made of tomotoes, red onion, kalamata olives, oregano (from our garden) and feta (fat-free)

This bento was for Allium; here’s the same one packed in a smaller container for me:

Image of a Bento Box Box Stuffed with Grapeleaves

Allium’s box is meant to be a lunch box, but mine is actually theoretically meant for craft storage. Mine’s available at grocery stores, sold for lunches, but you get only two tiers — neither of them divided. I found a three-tiered version with one divided section at a craft/fabric store for the same price. The craft organizer also has a handle, which the lunch boxes lack. (Too bad!)

Amazon sells the “small 3 layer square Snap ‘n Stack by Snapware” and also carries Allium’s “snap ‘n stack 2 layer lunch box”.