Bento 4 – Couscous and Roasted Yellow Peppers

Way-Too-Plain Couscous

Image of a Bento Box with Plain Couscous

Not a flattering shot of the couscous! It needs a bit of help. I’ve got leftovers; we’ll see what I can do tomorrow.

Upper Left: Cherry tomatoes

Upper Right: Cucumber with rice vinegar, pepper and sesame seeds

Lower Left: Lemon couscous flecked with olives and green onions

Lower Right: Roasted yellow peppers (I got these at a ‘regular’ supermarket and they were a disappointment, flavor-wise, even though they cost just as much as at Wegman’s, our ‘quality’ market)


Bento 3 – Onigiri with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes

Onigiri with San Bai Zu and Sweet Potatoes

Image of Bento Box with Onigiri and Carrots

Upper Left: San bai zu — wilted carrots in rice vinegar, mirin, shoyu and salt, with toasted sesame seeds on top

Upper Right: Sugar snap peas with black pepper

Lower Left: Nori-wrapped onigiri with canned tuna, wasabi mayonaise and sambol olek

Lower Right: Caramelized sweet potatoes


Bento 2 – Thai Spring Roll

Bento with a Spring Roll in a ‘Lunch on the Go’ Container



Upper Left: Cucumbers in rice vinegar with salt; marinated mushrooms

Upper Right: Grape tomatoes on a bed of fresh basil leaves from the garden, sprinkled with basalmic vinegar

Lower Tier, Upper Image: Lettuce, carrot, rice noodles, spring onion, shrimp, mint and cilantro (both from the garden) in a rice paper wrapper

Lower Tier, Lower Image: Roasted asparagus and red onion

Lower Tier, Circular Container: Dipping sauce of soy sauce, rice wine, fresh ginger and a pinch of sugar

OK, I now have a new respect for food photographers. This really was prettier in person — if you allow for the general thinness of the baby asparagus spears, and the oversized container. I’ve got quite a way to go before I become a bento master — or a master bento photographer.

Image of a Lunch Container with Several CompartmentsThe ‘Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go’ container leaves a lot to be desired aesthetically, but has a horizontal divider shelf between the lower tier and the top containers. It’s a freezable shelf; good for keeping food fresh in summer.

I rolled each grape tomato in a whole basil leaf to eat. Too wonderful!


Bento 1 – Because Nourishment Can’t Be Only Cerebral

Lunch in a small Japanese bento box

Image of a bento lunch box

Upper Left: pineapple chunks with Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzy’s

Upper Right: caramelized sweet potatoes

Image of a jar of furikake shirasuLower Left: meatless meatballs from Trader Joe’s with decorative Hoisin sauce

Lower Right: steamed rice with furikake shirasu