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Tour Wasilla

Mudflats offers a “Photo Safari” of Sarah Palin’s home place. Take a look; it’s an enlightening look at the place, as Mudflats notes,

where Sarah Palin has lived and was raised since infancy. This is her world folks, and her executive experience before she became Governor in 2006.

No, it’s not all guns, pawn shops and rifle sales. Here’s the “Wasilla Professional Building”:

It’s a very different world up there in Alaska. If you’ve been there, or ever known Alaskans, you probably have some idea of exactly how different; if you’ve watched Northern Exposure, you probably have a bit of a clue. In fact, you probably know more about Alaska than Palin knows about the world at large.

Sarah Palin didn’t get a passport until 2006, and didn’t exactly wear it out once she had it:

Palin has . . . visited one fewer country than originally acknowledged by her Alaska office. Earlier in the week, the governor’s Alaska spokeswoman was quoted as saying Palin had traveled to Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, and Ireland, McCain campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella acknowledged today that Ireland was only a refueling stop on a trip in July 2007 to visit Alaskan National Guard troops in Kuwait and Iraq. (, 3 September 2008, citing a report in the New York Times.)

Palin’s “executive experience” isn’t the only thing that’s limited; so is her life experience. Or at least the kind of experience you’d expect in the Leader of the Free World.

The Valley is quirky, occasionally scary, often funny, and sometimes just downright unexplainable.

But, it’s fair to say, not really representative even of “small-town America” in what are usually referred to as the lower 48 states. Take the tour here; Mudflats says that “[A]ll the Wasilla photos were taken on main roads”. You’ll want to keep that in mind.

Thanks, Susan, for the heads-up on Mudflats.

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