Allium and I bought kayaks this year, and spent our first long afternoon in them in April.  We’re fortunate enough to live in a place that offers lots of opportunities to paddle within minutes of our home; kayaking would have been nothing but a dream if it had required even a hour’s drive away.

We found this creature in the parking lot, and repatriated him/her to a more felicitous location.

Zipping through the water later, I was astonished to see an enormous snapping turtle paddling furiously along, parallel to my course, but going the opposite direction. Later, Allium found himself next to another, almost as large; when he (she?) expressed an interest in tasting Alliium’s oar, we moved on.

Kayaks allow us to come very close to all sorts of creatures — even birds — without threatening them. We’re part of the landscape (albeit a bright part) in our boats. We can paddle in astonishingly shallow waters, too. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the bottom of the lake under Allium’s kayak.

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I have an ocean kayak which is perfect for where I live and it’s such a blast. I am always happy to see people getting into such a great sport. There is so much to see and it looks like you have already seen a bunch as it is! Happy kayaking! Oh and by the way, your bentos look delicious!

Hi, Mimi — thanks for your comment! Maybe the very best thing about kayaking is that what we see is different each time — it’s quite incredible. Ocean kayaking must be amazing — more adventuresome that what we’re doing, I suspect.

I’m so glad you like the bentos — I think this summer I’m going to have to figure out how to make some paddling-friendly bento lunches. That should work on short day trips, right?

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