Bento 16 – Bento with Gyoza, Carrots and Cucumbers

Gyoza, Carrots and Cucumbers

Image of a Bento With Gyoza and Carrots

Upper Left: Coffee flavored jell; dipping sauce with shoyu, garlic and ginger

Upper Right: Cucumbers in rice vinegar

Lower Left: Gyoza (vegetable, from Trader Joe’s)

Lower Right: Slivered carrots simmered briefly in a light sauce with mirin (then cooled); heart-shaped egg

The egg was shaped in one of my ice cream molds (see Bento 13). I don’t have the knack yet; that’s not a broken heart, but it is a cracked one!

2 replies on “Bento 16 – Bento with Gyoza, Carrots and Cucumbers”

I’m beginning to think this whole molded egg thing is some big conspiracy! I bet all those perfectly formed eggs we’ve all seen pictures of are actually made of lard. I feel like such a sucker.

Lisa, thank you for your comment, which somehow ended up on a server I didn’t know about. This is why it got posted almost a month late!

Lard, eh? Yes, I think it could work — perfectly!

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