Bento 14 – Tofu, Umeboshi and Carrots

Tasty Tofu (No, really!)

Image of a Bento with Tofu, Umibosh and  Carrots

Upper Left: Green grapes

Upper Right: Carrots and celery (Allium decoratively scored the carrots down the side to make them flower-like)

Lower Left: Steamed rice with furikake and an umeboshi

Lower Right: Tofu roasted with five spices

I’m not always a big fan of tofu — usually it’s just boring. Dusting the cubes with Chinese Five Spice powder and then roasting it didn’t make the tofu exactly exciting, but it did make it tasty, and gave it a very un-tofu-like, almost crunchy texture. Quite nice with shoyu enhanced with garlic and ginger (which I packed in a very small Nalgene bottle that isn’t shown).