Bento 13 – Rice Rolls and Shu Mai

Bento 13 – Rice Rolls, Red Pepper and and Egg

Image of a Bento Box With a Cow-Shaped Egg

Upper Tier: Rice rolls with furikake or nori, red peppers with scalloped edges

Lower Tier: Shu Mai from Trader Joe’s on a bed of edamame, hard-boiled egg molded into the shape of a cow’s head, pineapple with shredded ginger, very small container of dipping sauce

Black Tray: Okaki meguri (rice crackers) and technical chopsticks from Snow Peak, all of which just fit under the domed lid (not shown) of the bento box

The Shu Mai wasn’t as tough as it was last time, probably because I added nearly a tablespoon of water to the bowl in which I microwaved them — and watched the time very carefully, taking them out before they were quite warm.

About that egg — it was a lot of fun to put the hard-boiled eggs into ice cream molds to shape them, and the process worked pretty well (details to follow later, maybe). But I don’t know; I’m not so sure I’m really excited about eating an egg that looks like a cow’s head.

Image of a Pair of Snow Peak ChopsticksMy in-laws gave me these wonderful chopsticks. The wooden tips slide into the metal cases, which are also the handles. The tips are screwed into the case to make full-size chopsticks. They come with a nifty sleeve and cord, too.

Update: The chopsticks aren’t on Snow Peak’s website any longer. Or maybe they are, and it’s just too difficult to find them. Check out REI , though; they’re on the website and in my local store, too.

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That cows-head egg is craaaazy adorable! I want to do that!!! (we are eating a lot of hard boiled eggs around here) At first I thought it was what my daughters used to call “moo moo cheese.” (laughing cow)

Those details must follow!

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