Sweet Dreams

Image of a Bed with Branch-Like Posts

This breathtakingly beautiful tree bed is handmade by a woman named Shawn Lovell, a metalworker who lives in Oakland, California. She makes other things as well, but this is, to my mind, perfection. I originally saw this photo on the blog Reading Writing Living, and tracked it down with a few minutes’ sleuthing on the Internet. Not for the first time, I’m regretting living 3,000 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lovell’s bed may owe something to this one, which belongs to Max of Where The Wild Things Are:

Image of Max’s Bed from Where the Wild Things Are

but this adult, at least, is still dreaming of the verdant walls of the Pope’s bedroom. Could there be a better furnishing than this one for that exquisite chamber?

Though our own bedroom is furnished more conventionally, Allium and I own a candelabrum that might be at home either in Lovell’s studio or in Max’s bedroom:

Image of a Candelabrum with Branch-Like Arms

Either the candelabrum or its maker is, or was, named ‘Smaug’; it’s been a long time, and I’m not sure which, though Allium and I do call the candelabrum itself ‘Smaug’.

Smaug has been in my family since 1969. The artist had a little shop in Berkeley; Oakland’s just a few miles away, and Shawn Lovell is from a later generation, but oh, that’s fertile ground out there. Must be something in the water.

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The bed looks like it has the capacity to be a bit painful.

I’m intrigued to know you lived in Grenoble; I went there for Millennium Eve, mainly in the (vain) hopes of getting to Hauterives by train, to see Cheval’s Palais Ideal. Still, I thought it a really wonderful place to spend a few days.

It can’t be more painful than the expedient IKEA Malm we are using at the moment, which has the sharpest, least yielding, edges ever seen on wood.

Grenoble was wonderful. I loved my time there passionately, and even now, a hundred years later, can’t really explain why I ever left.

Oh, I can explain it, but I still don’t understand why I did it.

I love this bed. I want it. why should it be painful? Any protruding metal can be given a metal warmer wrapping. HSV

Everytime I look at it, I want it more! And isn’t the juxtaposition of the down comforter with the metal exquisite?

Thanks for the comment!

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