Bento 7 – Salmon

Ginger Salmon on Soba Noodles

Image of Bento Box with Salmon

Upper Left: Olive and tomato skewers on a bed of basil

Upper Right: Strawberries

Lower Left: Ginger broiled salmon on soba noodles with ginger soy sauce

Lower Right: Artichoke hearts with greek olives and red peppers, lemon juice and red pepper flakes

2 replies on “Bento 7 – Salmon”

Your blog makes me all kinds of hungry everytime I visit it! :o)

I hope I can catch you at the next blogger meetup. Those are usually pretty fun!

Hi, Eric! Thanks for the comment. Allium and I are both planning to be at the next meetup — we’re looking forward to it. We’ll look for you!

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